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In addition to Bin Rentals and Waste Removal, Bins On Wheels provides professional, courteous, fast and flexible demolition, cleaning, excavation, dirt, gravel, rocks delivery and other services and solutions to contractors, roofers and home owners across the Ottawa region.

We can help you with demolition, deconstruction and demolition debris removal.
We have a team of demolition men that are on standby, ready to get involved. Rely on Bins on Wheels demolition professional crew for commercial and residential demolition services. Let our team take care of your building or house demolition without any hassle, and remove and recycle the debris.

Wood, concrete, insulation, drywall and other building materials must be handled with care because they may include asbestos fibers that are harmful when released in the air. This is why demolition should be done by professionals who are highly skilled in removing such materials.

You have done the demolition and left it in the driveway, garage or backyard? Not a problem.  We will bring strong arms and load our waste container faster than you can think.

Excavation services are offered at a reasonable cost for small jobs such as landscaping, driveways, interlock. We provide the excavator and a driver, dig the dirt and fill up the bin and carry away the waste for you.

Small load delivery of stone dust, gravel, topsoil, sand, etc.

We are fully certified and equipped to take on such projects.
Share your requirement with us and we will strive to accommodate you!