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Carl's Waste Services

  • 5001 Herbert Dr., Navan, Ontario, K4B 1J1
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Carlsbad Dumpster Rental

Established in 1972, Carl’s Waste Services Ltd is privately held, Canadian owned and operated with an independent board of directors. With over 15 vehicles, we currently service the Ottawa – Carleton Region and surrounding areas.

Carl’s Waste Services Ltd transports all of the collected waste and recycling to the final destination site. We use Canadian Landfill disposal, thus eliminating the cross border dumping issues and gives our environmentally aware clients assurance that all materials are handled in Canada.

Within the waste and recycling industry new and exciting changes are always on the forefront of our business. We advance with new technologies which we then pass on to our customers, excelling ahead of our competitors.

We believe that the best approach to the solid waste & recycling service business is a local focus managed by professionals living and working in the communities we serve. We strive to provide service excellence for those communities that place their trust in Carl’s Waste Services and we are always dedicated to putting our customers first. We have a modernized fleet of over 15 vehicles, technology, management and highly trained staff to meet every customer’s need in a cost effective and environmentally compatible manner. At Carl’s Waste Services, we are committed to building our company and reputation through the highest service standards, for protecting the environment and making a positive contribution in the communities where we live and work.

Carl’s Waste Services…Growing together as a team.

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