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Chuck It Disposal and Recycling

  • 2253 Stanley Line, Wilkesport, Ontario, N0P 2R0
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Sarnia Dumpster Rental

Chuck It Disposal and Recycling is a disposal bin rental and rubbish removal company servicing Sarnia, Ontario and surrounding areas. Chuck It Disposal offers clean, strong dumpster bins for any commercial or residential trash removal and solid non-hazardous waste hauling project.  The experienced and reliable team of waste management professionals will work with property managers, contractors, landscapers, and residential customers. With our 8 - 15 yard disposal bins (also referred as dumpsters) we can haul 5 tonnes of waste material at one time. Construction materials, shingles, wood, scrap metals, and other junk can be hauled away safely and easily. Bins are dropped off and picked up in a timely and professional manner. Driveway protectors make it easy on your driveway. Have a small or tight space to work with? No problem! Our rates are competitive and billing methods are convenient. We accept cash, cheque, e-transfer, and credit cards.
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