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Edmonton Junk Removal

Heartland Disposal & Recycling Ltd of Edmonton, AB is a local junk removal and bin rental company you can trust.  Heartland Disposal & Recycling is 100% Alberta Owned and operated. Whether you work on home renovation and need to dispose the old junk furniture or you need to remove old junk from your garage or basement, Hearland Disposal is here to help.  We can handle any scale of junk removal project from household junk removal to large property clean up.  Just send us a request for quotation and we will get back with free estimate and professional, efficient and cost-effective junk removal service.

Heartland Disposal & Recycling Ltd has been serving commercial, residential and industrial customers in Edmonton, AB for over 6 years.  We have all the equipment and well trained professional crew to handle any size of junk removal project.

In addition to junk removal and recycling services, we provide waste disposal bins, portable toilets, temporary fencing, hazardous and liquid waste removal, and demolition services.
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