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Dealing With Glass Waste

Dealing With Glass Waste

If you think that grass is a neutral substance and the glass waste doesn't pollute the environment, think again. Keep reading to learn how folks in Europe work together to address glass waste related issues.

At Dumpster Rentals Depot we are always open to learning about best practices in the Waste Management Industries worldwide ...

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  • Published: 2017-04-25T22:20:18
  • Author: admin

A Message From BC Wild Salmon Association

A Message From BC Wild Salmon Association

From the Rocky Mountains to the outer coast, and from the Yukon to the USA, wild salmon are at the core of the British Columbian identity.

Wild salmon feed BC’s wildlife, rivers, and forests. They have sustained First Nations for thousands of years. They are essential to our tourism and fishing industries. They feed ...

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  • Published: 2017-03-26T18:00:03
  • Author: admin

Keep Fossil Fuel In The Ground

Keep Fossil Fuel In The Ground
Demand renewable energy!

Climate change is having a catastrophic impact on people and the planet. Our future depends on action to keep 80% of known coal, oil and gas in the ground. We've never dad a better chance in history to break free from fossil fuels and build a just transition to clean and ...

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  • Published: 2017-02-17T22:10:23
  • Author: Harry Cotten

Tips for Healthy Streams

Tips for Healthy Streams

Salmon comes back to our creeks! Yesterday we were out at Byrne Creek in Burnaby, BC together with Salmon Spawner Patrol folks from Byrne Creek Streamkeepers Group. The creek inspection turned into an exciting experience. In less than 3 hours we spotted over 40 live spawners and 10 dead fish that have fully or partially ...

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  • Published: 2016-11-12T15:11:53
  • Author: Laura Schmidt, Dumpster Rentals Customer Supp

Animal Resistant Containers

Animal Resistant Containers

How to annoy a bear? It’s easy. Just use any of our Bear Certified waste containers and they just give up. Waste Line Containers offers containers for building waste, recycling as well as animal resistant waste containers for clean environment. There are a variety of different shapes and sizes from roadside street animal resistant ...

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  • Published: 2016-04-30T00:52:13
  • Author: Laura Schmidt, Dumpster Rentals Customer Supp

Creating Dumpster Rental Brand Online & Offline

Online Branding in Dumpster Rentals Industry

Dumpster Rentals Branding
Have you ever asked yourself “how important is Branding to the success of my Dumpster Rentals & Junk Removal business? Is it ever possible at all to build a strong Brand in such a specific industry as Waste Management?! Yes, it is. In fact, by starting a business with ...

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  • Published: 2016-03-31T21:46:12
  • Author: Laura Schmidt, Dumpster Rentals Customer Supp

Dumpster Rentals in Edmonton & Dumpster Rentals in Calgary, Alberta

Direct Dumpsters Inc., Edmonton, AB

There are two licensed and insured dumpster rentals companies recently joined our team of roll off container rentals & dumpster rentals professional team. 

Introducing Direct Dumpsters Inc. and Commander Waste and Recycling Inc. companies that offer dumpster rental, waste removal and recycling services covering a large territory around Calgary, AB and Edmonton, AB.  ...

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  • Published: 2015-12-27T02:51:46
  • Author: Laura Schmidt, Dumpster Rentals Customer Supp

Garbage Disposal & Recycling. Best Practices.

Recyclable Materials

As part of the City's commitment to the provincial waste reduction effort, the City of Burnaby, BC expanded it's Residential Recycling Program. 

The new Curbside Residential Recycling Program introduces the changes in sorting and separation of recyclables together with the Food Scrap Separation Ban and the significantly extended list of recyclable materials ...

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  • Published: 2015-11-27T20:47:19
  • Author: Harry Cotten

Townline Bin Service 2015 LTD Joined Dumpster Rentals Depot.

Townline Bin Rental Services in Mission, BC
We are pleased to welcome on board Townline Bin Service 2015 LTD , a new member of our rapidly growing team of waste management professionals.

Townline Bin Service Ltd. is a locally owned and operated bin rental & roll off service company servicing the large territory from Mission and Chilliwack to Vancouver, BC.

Townline Bin Service ...

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  • Published: 2015-10-31T19:19:41
  • Author: Laura Schmidt, Dumpster Rentals Customer Supp

Marketing Challenges In Dumpster Rentals Industry

Roll Off Bin & Dumpster Rentals Marketing

Have you ever tried to elaborate a compelling web copy that would vividly describe the benefits of using your company’s dumpster rental service? In today’s oversaturated dumpster rentals market, it really seems like you need a degree in marketing or even in psychology to be an effective marketer online.

Thankfully there is a ...

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  • Published: 2015-09-28T01:20:50
  • Author: Harry Cotten