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How a network of small Waste Removal companies helped them to grow their business.

Map of Dumpster Bin Rental Service Coverage in Canada


Dumpster Rentals Depot is the largest network of privately owned and operated Waste Haulers in North America. Dumpster Rentals Depot operates through two web-based software applications https://dumpsterrentalsdepot.ca that targets Canadian market and https://dumpsterrentalsdepot.com in the USA. Dumpster Rentals Depot allows small business owners to increase their companies’ exposure to the local market and make more sales. In addition, Dumpster Rentals Depot helps small businesses to improve the company image, build the company’s brand, promote new products and services and share knowledge, experience and best practices.

For end users (customers) such as contractors, builders, property managers, commercial business managers, etc. who look for a reliable, licensed waste removal service, DRD serves as an electronic dispatcher. The System helps customers from literally any city, Province or State across Canada and the US to connect promptly with one of DRD’s local dumpster rental and junk removal providers.


In 2009 two privately owned Waste Hauling companies decided to merge small portions of their marketing budget to build a website that would help them to get more customers from the Internet Search Market. After the website was built, the main source of web traffic was Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns. At that time the website generated very few business referrals.

With the goal to receive more traffic from organic search, the website owners decided to scale up the project. They started to offer the service of delivering business referral to other waste removal companies. The idea turned out to become popular since the service fee was extremely low. The website owners kept approving new companies for listings on the website which resulted in rapid increase of new webpages. By the end of the first year after deployment the website had significantly enlarged in size and it’s been growing since.

New and revised business opportunities for small Waste Removal Businesses in 2021

Marketing opportunities

One of the major changes to ‘how to market’ junk removal services over the past decade is the massive shift from newspaper, TV and radio marketing to inbound Internet search marketing. This trend has been developing for quite some time and is only accelerating due to current pandemic restrictions.

Partnering with Dumpster Rentals Depot empowers small businesses to make a leap onto the first page of SERP (search engine results pages) allowing owners to easily afford all the benefits of online visibility.

New products & services

Dumpster Rentals Depot helps small businesses to immediately increase their company’s exposure to the local market. This makes it easier for companies with a limited marketing budget to introduce new products and services that are closely related to the waste removal industry. For example, customers who are looking to rent a garbage dumpster for an outdoor event waste removal, may also be interested in portable sanitation solutions such as portable toilet, restroom trailer or even portable showers rental.

Building company’s image opportunities

Dumpster Rentals Depot authorizes some partner companies to display "Trusted by DRD" seal in a footer of their own websites:

The seal helps to put Dumpster Rentals customer’s minds at ease by telling them that the Dumpster Rentals business listed on DRD website belongs to an organization that helps ensure high quality.

The “Trusted by DRD” statement also tells customers that other customers who have used Dumpster Rentals Depot approved businesses, have been satisfied with the level of service and professionalism they experienced.

Shared experience and best practices

Dumpster Rentals Depot encourages small businesses to learn from each other and share their experience and best practices. DRD blog supports the Environmentally Friendly Development and educates the local communities on waste management challenges, environment protection initiatives and waste recycling and proper disposal of waste programs.

“Ninety percent of success is just showing up” stated Woody Allen, the famous American actor and director. Industry specific networks and associations allow small Waste Removal companies to achieve exactly that – showing up on the screens of desktop monitors, laptops, tablets and smartphones before the eyes of their future customers.

  • Published: 2021-03-10T18:40:38-08:00
  • Author: Harry Cotten