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Dangerous Wastes

People throw many things into the garbage without thinking about whether they are safe. A number of dangerous chemicals are used in the home, and if they get into the environment, they can harm wildlife.

Chemicals in the garden shed

Many harmful chemicals may be found in the garden shed or garage. These include pesticides ...

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  • Published: 2012-12-27T12:46:53-08:00
  • Author: Laura Schmidt, Dumpster Rentals Customer Supp

Recycling Glass

Recycling glass bottles 

Bottles to be recycled are collected at recycling centers. The glass is crushed to form cullet, which is transported to glass factories.
Glass is made from sand, soda ash, and limestone. Additives may be used to give the glass a color or to make it more resistant to heat. These raw materials ...

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  • Published: 2012-12-22T10:18:24-08:00
  • Author: Laura Schmidt, Dumpster Rentals Customer Supp

Paper & Cardboard Recycling

Paper is an incredibly useful material that is used in newspapers, magazines, and books. One of its most common uses is in packaging for food and other goods. Some paper, such as newspaper, is already made from recycled paper. Most other paper can also be recycled after use.

From paper bank to paper mill

Paper ...

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  • Published: 2012-12-17T14:10:50-08:00
  • Author: Laura Schmidt, Dumpster Rentals Customer Supp

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