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No Hazardous Waste In Our Dumpsters

Having a dumpster delivered to your home or work site is convenient, but there are strict rules about what waste you can and can’t load into a dumpster. At Dumpster Rentals Depot, we like to periodically remind all our clients what is and isn’t legal to put into our dumpsters. There are laws and statutes dealing specifically with the disposal of biomedical and hazardous waste (any material or substance known to be toxic or harmful to humans upon exposure). Here’s a brief rundown of what you can’t throw in our dumpsters:

Biomedical Waste

This includes any waste or waste products generated by the following:

  • any waste from human or animal care facilities (doctors offices, hospitals, vet clinics)
  • waste from medical or veterinary/animal research educational institutions
  • health care education centers
  • clinical testing and research labs
  • facilities that produce or test vaccines

Specifically Prohibited Substances

These are the type of items clients are prohibited from loading into Dumpster Rental Depot dumpsters:

Human Biomedical Waste

  • human anatomical waste including human tissue, organs, or body parts

Animal Biomedical Waste

  • any animal waste including tissue, organs, body parts, carcasses, bedding, blood and blood products
  • animal fluid and blood
  • any items saturated or dripping with animal blood
  • animal body fluids extracted for diagnosis or during surgeries, treatments, or autopsies

Microbiology Lab Waste

  • cultures
  • specimen stocks
  • attenuated or live vaccines
  • cell cultures from humans or animals used in research
  • any lab materials that has come into contact with the above listed items

Blood and Blood Products

  • human fluid blood or any blood product
  • any items saturated or dripping with human blood
  • blood contaminated body fluids
  • human body fluids extracted for diagnosis, surgery, treatments or autopsies

Clinical/Lab Waste

  • sharps (needles, syringes, blades, or any broken lab glass capable of inflicting punctures or cuts

Why So Specific?

Human and animal waste can create hazardous and potentially life threatening illnesses and infections. Improperly disposing of human or animal waste or byproducts can lead to mass contamination of food and drinking water, the spread of disease and a higher risk of injury and/or infection by workers and handlers transporting or emptying dumpsters.

Generally facilities that produce biomedical and hazardous waste contract with disposal services that are trained and equipped to handle these materials. Furthermore, many have their own onsite disposal system that meets or exceeds all state and federal government biomedical waste disposal codes and standards. When you choose Dumpster Rentals Depot, make sure you aren’t planning to dispose of anything prohibited

  • Published: 2018-05-02T23:26:37-07:00
  • Author: Fake User Laura Schmidt, Dumpster Rentals Customer Supp