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Junk Pick Up, Surrey Hook Up!

Junk pick up teams in Surrey are needed. My best friend, and neighbour, is a hoarder. Have you heard of this before? They have a TV show about it. It’s entertaining to watch on TV, but to live with it would be hell. To live next to it is hell. To be friends with it, it’s hard to watch.

A junk pick up team in Surrey was called in. We held an intervention, at his kids insistence. They told him that is was up to him, keep his junk or keep his kids. They were upset that the boxes were piling up in each room and that the place was becoming unliveable. It started in the basement, then the living room, dining room, family room, and kitchen. There’s no where to eat. God knows what’s breeding under all that junk.

A junk pick up team in Surrey delivered a min bin to the driveway. After a few arguments and awkward moments, we convinced him to go for it. For the kids. They’ve never had sleepovers at their place. And the expense! What a waste of money.

Once the junk pick up team in Surrey delivered the bin, we began sorting the junk into piles, garbage, sell, donate, and keep. We let my buddy be in control of what went where. Of course, it took some coaxing to get him to throw anything away. I found the donation pile was the most useful in getting him to let go of his stuff.

The junk pick up team in Surrey has been a great way for us to clean up my buddy’s house. He’s got some issues to work through now to make sure he doesn’t go back to his old ways.

  • Published: 2010-07-24T14:46:38-07:00
  • Author: Edd Miller