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Outdoor Event Sanitation

Portable Toilets & Wash Stations in Prince Edward Island

Considering a romantic outdoor wedding party and looking for an outdoor sanitation solution? Need portable wash stations and portable toilets for a corporate anniversary party? Looking for a portable toilet renal service for your construction site? Throne Depot has all the equipment and resources to meet the most sophisticated requirements and address all your sanitation needs.

Throughout the history of the portable sanitation industry regulations surrounding the placement and servicing of portable sanitation products have been inconsistently written and possibly even more inconsistently enforced. However, with the recent E. coli and Norwalk virus outbreaks, the provision and use of portable sanitation products, including toilets, hand wash stations and hand sanitizers is rising in the public consciousness.

That’s why it is more important than ever before to engage the trusted, licensed and experienced sanitation solutions provider for your projects and/or events. Throne Depot is a locally owned portable toilet rental company that has been servicing the Montague, PEI area and committed to deliver both your portable toilet and a hassle-free experience.

Regardless of whether you are a small business owner renting a single toilet unit for a house renovation/ remodeling project or you are a wedding planner that needs a dozen of portable toilets for a huge outdoor wedding event, we make the same promise to you – we’ll deliver your toilets and wash stations on time, each toilet will be individually inspected before delivery and we empty and sanitize them on schedule, and do it all at the best portable toilet rental prices in Cardigan, Montague, Morell, PEI.

Throne Depot of Montague, PEI provides a complete line of sanitation solutions and are ready to help with your next outdoor wedding or an outdoor corporate event, golf tournament, construction project, or real estate development undertaking. We can provide multiple types of portable toilets and washing stations to meet your needs anywhere in the Montague, PEI area.

Throne Depot Mailing Address:
592 MacDonald Road
Montague, PEI C0A 1R0

Pickup Location:
3914 Baldwin Rd
Kings County

  • Published: 2017-07-16T18:29:03-07:00
  • Author: Harry Cotten