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Selecting a Dumpster for Demolition Debris Removal

With the summer drawing to a close, you may be looking to fit in one last project before the weather turns. It's a great time of year to get some extra work done outside because you will be far more comfortable in the cooler weather. One project that you may be considering is a demolition project. This could be a variety of things such as replacing your roof or pulling down a small shed. Whatever your demolition project is, it's important to select the right sized dumpster for debris removal.

Things to consider when choosing the size for your dumpster

- Type of debris
You may think that you need to figure out just the amount of debris that you have to dispose of, but this is not accurate. You also need to take note of the type of debris that you have in that structure because this will affect the manner of disposal as well as the weight of the overall debris. Take note of all of the different materials. Some materials, such as concrete, may need to be separated from other debris. Check with the rental company about this.

- Amount of debris
The amount of debris needs to be estimated in order to figure out what size dumpster you will need. This can be a challenge, but you can get close. First, measure the structure that you will be demolishing in order to get the square footage. Next, estimate the percentage of each type of debris that you have in that structure for weight purposes. Finally, call a dumpster rental company in order to get a size recommendation.

- If your estimate was low.
Even by taking care while estimating, things can happen. You need to be diligent about disposing of extra materials. Most trash collection services will not take it. Decide whether you can sell it. If you can't, request a pick-up from your trash collection service, hire a junk removal company, haul it to the nearest landfill or donate it to local charitable organizations.

Sizing options